My Google ChromeOS Setup (Home)

Screenshot 2017-06-16 at 13.37.05I like to reset my Chrome Sync and powerwash my Chromebook every so often and set it up fresh. It is more of a habit than for security reasons. It allows me to time to consider whether my current set up is working for me. I am using all these extensions. Can I be more focused? This is my set up guide.

As I have reset my Chrome Sync, I’ve lost all my bookmarks. So I begin by importing my saved bookmarks from Google Drive.

Then I go to this “My Google ChromeOS Setup (Home)” bookmark. It is my first (and sometimes only bookmark) in the Other bookmarks folder.

Next up I tune my Chromebook settings, in line with the student guidance offered by EFF, as follows:

  1. Set DNS to DNS.Watch Name Servers –
  2. Set up  your VPN – if required/desired
  3. Always show the bookmark bar.
  4. Set DuckDuckGo as search engine
  5. Add a PIN.
  6. Restrict User Sign In.
  7. Require password to wake from sleep.
  8. Encrypt all synced data with own sync passphrase.
  9. Block third-party cookies and site data.
  10. Do not allow any site to track physical location.
  11. Add additional languages – Portuguese (Brasil), Spanish (Latin America)
  12. Set on start up to “Open New Tab Page”

With the settings tightened, I move on to the extensions directly from the Chrome Web Store. And, yes, I used all of them – I wish I didn’t. I haven’t included the games here because I don’t want to encourage fun. 

Apps & Extensions:

Screenshot 2017-06-16 at 13.38.25-01

I like to tweak the theme with Dark Theme v3.

To assist with installation of the above, download and import my extensions folder into your bookmarks (chrome://bookmarks) using this extensions.html file.

If you want my WhatsApp extension, download and import this WhatsApp.crx file by dragging and dropping into your extensions (chrome://extensions).

Screenshot 2017-06-16 at 13.36.32If your Chromebook allows you to install Android apps then I recommend the following:

Finally, I organise the extensions, launcher and shelf so it is both practical and pretty. And that’s how I set up my Chromebook. It takes about an hour. But once it is done, it is done.


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