About Me

Ouch, WordPress notified me that I have been a member of the WordPress community for 10 years! Please note that aside from this “About Me” page, my blog currently only has one other post… I am not a blogger. I tweet like a lover, though.

Writing About Me, hey? That’s an act of ego that I should be good at – I am me most of the time after all – but I am struggling here. About Me in words is difficult. I don’t like the description of myself or, at least, I haven’t really perfected it yet.

My Twitter bio is “8-bit #LegalAid Lawyer | #MigrantRights | #HumanRights | Tea Drinking #Vegan | #Green | #Chromie | Tweets seized from your subconscious | 🐇🍵🎧📷✒️✊✌️🇪🇺🗺” 

#Green or #Socialist? For me the terms are interchangeable: To be a socialist means you have to be a Green and to be a Green means you have to accept socialism. Please note the use of “For me” before you start any form of discussion or debate. Also please note that I will change this “About Me” page will change like the Manchester weather.

My bio on various language learning websites is “¡Hola! Mucho gusto! Tengo 36 anos. Soy Britanico. Vivo en Manchester. Soy abogado. Soy vegano.”

I spend my days writing about the lives of other people caught in absurd system claiming to offer protection to those in need while applying rules that conflict with the realities of being human.
This blog may touch on this work at some point. It may not. I live my job. Email me at 2 am and you may just get a reply five minutes later. Disclaimer: Not guaranteed.

This blog is not a journal. I keep a journal and an active to-do list. But these documents are both personal and confidental. They are also very dull. It is an act of kindness not journaling on here. Read my Twitter if you want to analyse my life. Read a book if you want somethng a lot more interesting. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this “About Me” section. There is no test to complete. You have not obtained an qualification by making this fair. You may have some limited understanding about me now. You definitely have my gratidude for taking time to read these words. 



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